• Released: March 2018
  • Series: Choosing Futa


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Choosing Futa #2 — Black Cherry

She held herself with both hands and guided the drooling tip toward Erin’s pussy.

This was Lisa’s fresh start. She felt sexier. She felt stronger. She felt like there was nothing in the world that could slow her down. Well, except for maybe a warm shower and a little too much quality time with a loofah.

This flirty fiancée she was snapping photos of on the beach certainly wasn’t helping either. She needed something more. It was time to put her new equipment to the test. She’d held back as long as she could, but this body of hers longed to sink into a healthy set of hips and soft, pillowy lips. And just her luck—a quick stop at the gas station provides everything she needs for a tasty test drive.

Lisa wasn’t going home without that notch in her belt.

Black Cherry is Book #2 in the Choosing Futa serial and is 6,800 words in length. It contains futa masturbation, futa-on-female and an incredible anatomical innovation of bookrest technology.

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