• Released: February 2018
  • Series: Choosing Futa


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Choosing Futa #1 — Hangover

There it was—a little pink cock, soft and draped neatly atop a plump mound of throbbing unfamiliarity.

Lisa Davenport held the key to getting back at her cheating ex-boyfriend: a handful of little white pills that were going to change everything.

There was no denying what she’d seen. Her friend Elle was sporting a thick, throbbing package that would bring most women to their knees, all thanks to some knock-off birth control that she’d found online. You couldn’t just keep a secret like that to yourself, though. It was only fair to share.

After sleeping off a cheap bottle of wine, Lisa wakes up with a whole lot more than a headache. Now it was her turn. She could take back control. She could settle the score. She could have exactly what she wanted.

Lisa was a new woman. It was time to play.

Hangover is Book #1 in the Choosing Futa serial and is 5,700 words in length. It contains futa transformation, futa growth, futa masturbation, futa-on-futa fantasy and one hell of a wet dream.

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