• Released: January 2018
  • Series: Becoming Futa

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Becoming Futa Bundle — Books 7 – 9

This bundle includes books 7 through 9 of the Becoming Futa Series: Queen Size, Relapse and Breathing Room.

Book #7 — Queen Size

After a difficult week, Elle decides to spend some quality “me time” in the backyard. Everything’s just right for a little late morning release—until she’s caught in the act. If that wasn’t enough, her husband was holding out again. The measuring tape didn’t lie. Elle was still growing and it was about time for some well deserved appreciation from Matthew.

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Book #8 — Relapse

Elle Andrews’ Saturday morning was off to a fantastic start. Apparently her husband had some grand scheme in the works to have her surgically corrected. Maybe an extra little boost of confidence might help set him straight. Just one pill. That’s all it would take. Just one. She was so close she could practically taste herself.

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Book #9 — Breathing Room

A simple trip to the mall leads to a startling discovery. Through a gap in the dressing room stall, Elle spies a stunning blonde with a sizeable package of her own. After the steamy show, Elle’s forced to flee with a sticky pair of pants that she hasn’t paid for. Now her husband’s home and looking for answers. Could it get any worse?

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This Becoming Futa Bundle includes books 7 through 9 and is 15,900 words in length. It contains futa growth, futa masturbation, futa auto-fellatio, futa-on-female fantasy sex, futa-on-male, male-on-futa, and voyeur.

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