• Released: October 2017
  • Series: Becoming Futa
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Becoming Futa Bundle — Books 4 – 6

This bundle includes books 4 through 6 of the Becoming Futa Series: Big Thing. Small Package., Uncovered and Growing Pains.

Book #4 — Big Thing. Small Package.

Elle finds herself desiring something more—a warm, wet satisfaction that only another body could provide. After an exhaustive internet search, she stumbles upon a toy that finally tames the savage beast between her legs while discovering a brand new world of self pleasure populated by her former fantasy vixens Lisa and Ava.

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Book #5 — Uncovered

This wasn’t at all how she’d planned it. Elle’s husband was home and about to find her getting entirely too friendly with their four poster bed. Within the evening, Elle’s new anatomy ends up on full display and Matthew’s lending her a much needed hand.

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Book #6 — Growing Pains

Elle was on top of the world, but her husband’s steamy homecoming had left her feeling slightly inadequate. Armed with a hot meal and an even hotter surprise, she greets Matthew with a double fistful of all-natural, homegrown Elle. Growing never felt so good.

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This Becoming Futa Bundle includes books 4 through 6 and is 15,500 words in length. It contains futa growth, futa masturbation, futa-on-male, futa-on-female fantasy.

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