• Released: July 2017
  • Series: Becoming Futa
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Becoming Futa Bundle — Books 1 – 3

This bundle includes books 1 through 3 of the Becoming Futa Series: Conception, Side Effects May Include and Check, Please!

Book #1 — Conception

Ordering cheap birth control online was a bad idea. A thick, swollen, sticky mess of an idea. All it took was a single white pill to change Elle’s life—and her body—forever. Now the days are running together as she’s consumed by an insatiable appetite for her changing body.

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Book #2 — Side Effects May Include

Elle’s world had come back into focus, but after a precarious run in with a food delivery boy and an arousing phone call with her husband, she was hungrier than ever. Clearly these pills were more than they seemed, and now, so was Elle. She had a load of new questions, but only one mattered right now. Would it hurt to take one more?

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Book #3 — Check, Please!

Now that Elle was fully equipped, things were starting to look up. That is, until her lunch date with Lisa. Between the waitress with the ample assets and her friend’s sensuous, downright obscene peel-and-eat shrimp spectacle, Elle was finding it nearly impossible to contain the swelling situation between her legs.

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This Becoming Futa Bundle includes books 1 through 3 and is 15,600 words in length. It contains futa transformation, futa growth, futa masturbation, and futa-on-female fantasy.

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