• Released: December 2017
  • Series: Becoming Futa


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This book is in a bundle:Becoming Futa Bundle — Books 7 – 9

Becoming Futa #9 — Breathing Room

A slender pink cock swung into view as the woman spun, complete with a neatly trimmed landing strip above and a modest set of balls dangling beneath.

Elle had gone too far this time. She’d let her body get the best of her and now she was paying the price. It was time to take back control.

But a simple trip to the mall leads to a startling discovery. Through a gap in the dressing room stall, she spies a stunning blonde with a sizeable package of her own. It wouldn’t hurt to watch, would it? The girl on the other side is anything but shy and after the show, Elle’s forced to flee with a sticky pair of pants that she hasn’t paid for.

And now her husband’s home and looking for answers.

Could it get any worse?

Breathing Room is Book #9 in the Becoming Futa serial and is 6,300 words in length. It contains futa solo play, voyeur, male-on-futa and unintentional petty theft.

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