• Released: August 2017
  • Series: Becoming Futa


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This book is in a bundle:Becoming Futa Bundle — Books 4 – 6

Becoming Futa #6 — Growing Pains

The little white pill in her upturned palm beckoned to her. How would it feel to grow again?

After a surprisingly warm—and sticky—reception, Elle was on top of the world. No more lying. No more sneaking. She was finally free.

But now, without a thick, swollen secret to keep, Elle set her sights on a smaller problem. Her husband’s steamy homecoming had left her feeling slightly inadequate and even a little bit envious. Why should he have all the fun?

Growing never felt so good. Armed with a hot meal and an even hotter surprise, she greets Matthew with a double fistful of all-natural, homegrown Elle. His reaction isn’t quite what she was hoping for, but does it really matter? Her mind was already made up.

She was keeping it.

Growing Pains is Book #6 in the Becoming Futa serial and is 4,800 words in length. It contains futa growth, futa masturbation, futa-on-male, male-on-futa and a splash of Elle’s secret ingredient.

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