• Released: August 2017
  • Series: Becoming Futa


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This book is in a bundle:Becoming Futa Bundle — Books 4 – 6

Becoming Futa #5 — Uncovered

Matthew looked on in anticipation. Was he expecting her to continue touching herself?

This wasn’t at all how she’d planned it.

Elle’s husband was home and about to find her getting entirely too friendly with their four poster bed. After scrambling to stash the evidence, the bedroom door swings open and the only thing between her and her husband is a sticky armful of sheets and a damp pair of stolen boxers.

But a secret this big is just too hard to hide. Within the evening, Elle’s new anatomy ends up on full display and before long, her husband’s curiosity gets the better of him and he’s lending her a much needed hand.

As Elle’s confidence grows, so does she. Her insatiable addition quickly dominates their long awaited reunion and when the dust settles, Matthew assures her that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to help her through this strange predicament. He’ll do anything for her.

Anything, huh?

Uncovered is Book #5 in the Becoming Futa serial and is 5,700 words in length. It contains male-on-futa masturbation, futa-on-male oral sex and a glaring example of improper toy care.

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