• Released: July 2017
  • Series: Becoming Futa


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This book is in a bundle:Becoming Futa Bundle — Books 1 – 3

Becoming Futa #3 — Check, Please!

Warm tendrils of arousal licked up Elle’s spine. This had played out differently in her mind back at home. There were too many distractions here. Too many gorgeous bodies. Everything felt like it was trying to seduce her.

Now that she was fully equipped, Elle was beginning to experience the joys of the not-so-fairer sex: waking up with morning wood, standing up to pee, battling the urge to touch yourself while applying mascara…

All right, a minor setback. But overall, things were starting to look up. That is, until her lunch date with Lisa.

Between the waitress with the ample assets and her friend’s sensuous, downright obscene peel-and-eat shrimp spectacle, Elle was finding it nearly impossible to contain the swelling situation between her legs.

Trying to hide this thing in a crowded restaurant was a huge mistake. She wasn’t ready for this. Could she still make it back to her car in time to avoid making a mess in her jeans?

Check, Please! is Book #3 in the Becoming Futa serial and is 6,700 words in length. It contains futa masturbation, futa-on-female fantasy sex and the leering gaze of a cartoon crab.

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