• Released: January 2018
  • Series: Becoming Futa


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Becoming Futa #10 — Bottoms Up

Lisa tilted her head up at Elle. “Pills. Pills did this? Those pills did this?”

With her home life back in order, Elle sets out to conquer the day and prove to herself once and for all that this swollen secret beneath her skirt was not going to hold her back. All’s well at the grocery store until the curious allure of a particularly provocative piece of produce leads to a sticky, satisfying pit stop before heading home.

But it’s Lisa’s sudden appearance that really turns up the heat. With a bottle of wine and a tale of woe, Elle’s friend persuades her to sit down and celebrate her newly single status.

A few drinks later, Lisa accidentally gets an eyeful of Elle’s equipment in action.

Oh, boy. Here we go again.

Bottoms Up is Book #10 in the Becoming Futa serial and is 8,900 words in length. It contains futa masturbation, male-on-futa, futa-on-futa fantasy and a reminder to always lock the bathroom door behind you.

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